A Brief Cameo by the Author

Cameo Cookies

Cameo Cookies

I made these cookies after coming into possession of a silicone cameo mold. I was pleased as punch with how they looked, especially as this was my first go at dot trail piping. (Actually I’m not sure if that is the proper name for it – I’ll have to check on that…)

Also made by hand was the modelling paste I used for the cameo part. I made the sugar paste from a recipe, rather than buying RTR (ready to roll), and added tylose powder to turn it into modelling paste. I did this against all the advice given in books about not making your own sugar paste when ready made is so good already. But being a little obsessive about making things from scratch, I just had to have a go. The result was a modelling paste strongly reminiscent of tyre rubber, which fact I did not discover until I had gleefully trotted out these cookies at a charity fundraising morning tea at the office. My colleagues, bless them all, said nothing of course about the rubbery cameos.

As I look at this picture of the cookies I note what pains I took to exactly align both the cookies and the cameo faces on the plate. I know that I would have felt mildly anxious at the time about ensuring everything was aligned. It’s truly a curse.

Post Script: I just noticed two of the cookies are definitely not aligned properly, and the perplexing thing is that it makes me anxious to think it is now fixed like that for ever, and I cannot amend it(!)


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