With Flair and Ganache

Covered cake with roses

Covered cake with roses

After my recent lament about the frustrations of covering a cake with rolled fondant, I have finally gained some insight into techniques for success. It seems the answer lies in your geographical location!

A great many books I have read about cake decorating, or sites I have visited, advise you to cover your cake with buttercream in order to smooth out its contours before covering. This is what I have been attempting. But here’s the hot tip I picked up in my cake decorating class this week – climatic conditions in Australia make ganache a better product for covering cakes than buttercream, which is generally what UK and US folks recommend. If I may quote Aleksandr Orlov, the Russian meerkat – simples!

So in class we all had a stab at covering our cake projects and here is my finished cake. Aside from a slight case of elephant skin, only visible on extreme close-up inspection, I am pretty happy with it and confident I can get it closer to perfect with a bit of practice.

The cake was duly devoured at work the next day by willing colleagues. Even the roses and leaves, which quite frankly leave a lot to be desired given that they are made of petal paste. Not nice.


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