It’s All Green to Me!

Sugar paste Christmas plaque

Sugar paste Christmas plaque

The final week of my introduction to cake decorating workshops on Monday saw us making Christmas plaques (not for eating). We covered the boards in week 3, and made the flowers, holly leaves and tree itself in weeks 1 and 2. So those particular elements were all nice and hard and dry by the time it came to assembly.

When it came to colouring the sugar paste in week 2, in a spirit of frugality, I chose not to purchase some Moss green colouring, and used instead Leaf green. The garish result, as seen in my picture, tells me that a lackadaisical attitude to the importance of nuance in colour, is not going to stand me in good stead when it comes to cake decorating. To further back this up, my finished plaque does not include the larger apricot coloured blossoms I made in week 1. Apricot! Where was my head at when I made that decision??? It’s a Christmas plaque for pity’s sake!

Well, self- chastisement aside, I am not completely dissatisfied with the result, although I doubt I’ll ever visit this project again. I’m not terribly sure what I am meant to do with this one. Perhaps a bit cheesy to put on display at work.


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