Ooooh Baby Baby …

Baby hands and feet cupcakes

Baby hands and feet cupcakes

When my dabbling in cake decorating was first in its infancy (oh dear, pardon the pun), a very good friend of mine did me the very great favour of falling pregnant and holding a baby shower. So of course I had the opportunity to make and decorate cupcakes for the shower, which had a theme of high tea.

An excited excursion to my local cake decorating store, saw me returning home with two silicon moulds of baby hands and feet. Silicon moulds are a fantastic invention, and so very easy to use with great result. To the uninitiated it makes you seem very clever when in fact what you’ve done was really so very simple.

At any rate coupling the hands and feet with a simple embossed quilted pattern proved very effective, for minimal effort. It is as easy as colouring some modelling paste, pressing a small amount into the mould, which you have coated lightly with white vegetable shortening, trimming the excess off the back so that you have a flat surface, and pressing out the finished shape. Voilà!

A short while later the same friend, who is also a work colleague, went on maternity leave and I was able again to take advantage of the occasion to make her a farewell-and-good-luck-with-the-baby cake. For this cake I took inspiration from one I saw in a book, and modified it slightly to suit my own experimental purposes. I decided to model a tiny sleeping baby placed on top of the cake and surrounded by various mini creatures including my friend’s ginger cat.

Sleeping like a baby

Sleeping like a baby

Baby cake with animals

Note ginger cat …

As happy as I was with most of it, the art of modelling animal ears was proving illusive until we were given an impromptu quick lesson in modelling a reindeer at the end of my class this week. Ears are much easier than I supposed now that I have seen how. Can’t wait to try it out.

Easter figurines

Easter figurines

The bluebirds and bunnies made a return appearance on some Easter cupcakes I did for a friend’s 4 children. I hadn’t met the kids before, and was worried when I saw how old they were, that they would find the cupcakes a bit kidsy. But to my great delight I found out that they have kept their figurines ever since and they sit in a display cupboard with other family treasures! (The figurines, not the kids. I do not condone the preservation of children in display cabinets).


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