Of Beasties, Blooms and Butterflies


A recent spate of life events brought me to a cupcake-making frenzy. The result was a cavalcade of cupcake creations (apologies for the un-intentional alliteration).

The first event was the departure of a colleague from work who went on maternity leave. My decision to make cupcakes for her morning tea was quite last-minute and on a day when the energy levels were particularly low. I was tempted not to make them at all but unfortunately had already shot my mouth off at work about bringing cupcakes the following day. As it turns out I came up with a solution that was quick and required minimal energy – a packet mix for the cupcakes themselves (the kind that include ready-made frosting), and a selection of ready-made cupcake toppers from the local supermarket. All that was needed was some imagination and appropriate color selection. Let it be said that Betty is the mother of invention – Betty Crocker that is – for it was a Betty Crocker brand packet mix chives and I was very happy with the result.

My only beef with Betty is the amount of ready-made frosting that comes in the packet. The packaging featured the extravagant claim “now with more frosting!”, but the amount supplied was barely enough to cover half of of the batch. Nevertheless by adding additional icing sugar to the frosting I was able to stretch it a little further. The cupcake flavor was strawberries and cream, hence the pink coloring you can see in the picture. The frosting was a pale mauve, and the whole was completed to my satisfaction with the silicon teacup-style cupcake cases and matching saucers. What I didn’t think about was the fact that I knew that the departing colleague was having a boy. Nevertheless she appreciated the cupcakes and I was quite pleased with the result.

Butterfly cupcakes

Butterfly cupcakes

The next occasion came over the Easter break. It was a 1st birthday party for the baby of a friend. We were a bit of a tandem team as she made an awesome butterfly cake and I made accompanying butterfly-themed cupcakes. I am particularly pleased with how the butterflies which I made out of sugarpaste turned out. At the birthday barbecue the cupcakes were arranged around the cake and made quite a festive and enticing sight. My only criticism is that I find it quite difficult to manage the basic spirally swirl without creating a somewhat lopsided effect. Leaving that aside, both the cake and the cupcakes were a great success with both being devoured by adults and children alike with great enthusiasm.

Butterflies and Blooms

Butterflies and Blooms

Shortly after the birthday barbecue another colleague was leaving work and to mark the occasion I again volunteered to make some cupcakes. I had some butterflies leftover from the baby birthday but not enough to make a full batch. So I decided to be a little creative with a simple theme of flowers and butterflies in yellow and white. I think these cupcakes with a layer of fondant icing on top, bedecked with appropriate toppers, are in fact my favorite of the three. I guess it is the simplicity of the colors and the decorations both. Suffice it to say I would be very happy if I never saw another cupcake case for at least another six months.


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