Bye Baby Bunting

Baby Shoes Project

Baby Shoes Project

This is a finished project from Term 2 of Beginner’s Cake Decorating class. There were two parts to the project – make the baby booties and decorate the cake. Actually it isn’t a real cake, but a foam block, but that’s neither here nor there…

The significance of the title of this post is that we were meant to decorate the cake with bunting but I said goodbye to that idea because I had just got the silicone mould for the lace trim (around the bottom of the cake) and I wanted to try it out on something.

Streamers to boot

Streamers to boot

The trim on its own was a little too minimalist so I decided to have a go at the streamers and I really like how it has all turned out. Perhaps the lace is a little out of place, but what the heck!

Cute as a button

Cute as a button

Making the booties was a lot of fun. They are made with a half-and-half mixture of modelling paste and fondant icing. We were given a template to cut out the shoes, and I made another for the teddy bear faces. I saw the idea for the teddy faces on a website that I can’t now find again, so I offer my apologies to the owner of the design!

Strange as it may seem, my favourite part of this whole project is the tiny little buttons on the sides of the booties. So simple but so endearing.


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