A Birthday Blessing

Patchwork Owl Cake

And the winner is…

Back in June I posted about entering an annual cake decorating competition during the Perth Royal Show. Well today (September 27th) is the first day of “The Show,” and is the day on which all the competition winners were announced, AND it is my Birthday. All three things made the day a bit special for me, not least because I had some success in the competition. Huzzah!

The Patchwork Owl cake pictured above is my second attempt at this cake, and the one I entered in the Novelty Cake Class (Amateur Section). Below is a reminder of my first attempt.

Patchwork Owl Cake

Patchwork Owl Cake Take 1

My immediate observations about my second attempt are: the eyes are less weird; the eyebrows are much less imposing (are they eyebrows? Who knows?); the wings are more symmetrical and evenly shaped; and above all, although you can’t see it from the photos, all the joins between panels are sooooo much neater. I was tremendously pleased with my entry, all the more so because I won 1st prize in the Novelty Class, and the Lady Rita Court Prize for the Exhibitor Gaining Highest Points in the Amateur Section.

Even though I took much greater pains over the second attempt, trying to achieve perfection, I was much quicker about completing it this time and could easily knock this one off in a weekend. I think I prefer the colours I chose this time around as well.

Owl Face closeup

Whooo’s looking at you kid?

Side view

Side view 1

The cake inside is Madeira Cake, which is especially ideal for carving.

Side view

Side view 2

The other class I entered was the Decorated Cake Class in the Student Section. This had to be a 1 tier decorated cake fit for a special occasion. This was my entry:

Bone China Cake

It is called a Bone China Cake, and I consider it an homage to Wedgewood. It had to feature a message of some sort to denote the occasion, and obviously I made it to be for a 60th Birthday celebration. The cake inside is a chocolate mud cake with a chocolate ganache crumb coat.

And how did I go? My cake came 3rd. Huzzah again! Although I wasn’t in 1st place, I was very pleased to see that the winner was a fellow student from the cake decorating course I am attending. Well done Dana!

Top view

Top view

Side detail

Side detail

And to top all of that off, the points I earned with these two entries earned me the Roma McLaglan Memorial Trophy and Sash for Exhibitor Gaining Highest Points in the Student/Amateur Sections! (Phew! That’s a mouthful). Now isn’t that just the icing on the cake? Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun, but do please pardon it.

But wait, there’s a little bit more. Several friends messaged me this evening to say that they saw my Patchwork Owl cake in a new story on TV this evening which was covering the opening day of the Royal Show. What a shame I didn’t see it. Sadly I have to wait until next Friday to go to the Show myself and see my cakes on display with all the others. I shall be on tenterhooks all week.

So, a very pleasing milestone in my cake decorating learning journey, and a wonderful blessing on my Birthday. It is all starting to feel quite worthwhile! I will finish with a big thank you to my teacher at Cake Tinz n’ Thingz, Tammy, for her encouragement to enter. Thank you Tammy!


One thought on “A Birthday Blessing

  1. Very well done! I did see the owl on the news and it started me wondering how you got on. Weirdly, I didn’t realise that it was your owl!! Anyway, a massive congratulations. Can’t wait for next year’s efforts.

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